„Mental Well-Being on Campus“

Mittwoch, 09.11.2022 | 18:00 bis 20:00 Uhr | Zoom
Referent: Irrsinnig Menschlich e. V. 

Study well. Surviving crises. Live happily. Is that possible? It is! Exciting facts and figures about studying and mental well-being await you. You will meet people who have overcome mental crises during their studies and would like to share their life experiences with you. Here you can learn more about...

- Warning signs of mental crises
- Coping strategies
- Support, help and counselling at your place of study

Since its foundation in 2000, Irrsinnig Menschlich e.V. has been inspiring young people with preventive services for mental health. We make it possible to discuss mental crises at school, university and at work. In doing so, we address a highly relevant topic that hardly finds a place in society, often overwhelms families and causes personal suffering and immense social costs. Our programmes are particularly effective through encounters with people who have mastered mental crises.


Irrsinnig Menschlich e. V. was founded with the aim to raise awareness about mental health, crises and illnesses and to reduce prejudices against people with mental illnesses.
The organisation is involved across sectors in education (school, vocational training, university) and health (prevention, care). Our core competence is to develop and test universal prevention and health promotion programmes for young people and to implement and disseminate them together with partners at regional and supra-regional level.

Registration: You can find the link to the registration here.