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Status Groups

Members of the University can participate in elections depending on their status group and constituency.

The status groups of the University of Potsdam are set out in Article 7 of the Basic Regulations(version of 14.12.2022) and their specific memberships are defined.

Fundamentally, there are the following four status groups:

  • Group of Lecturers
    • professors, junior professors, jointly appointed professors and professors according to Article 1, Paragraph 1, Number 2 of the Basic Regulations (GrundO), visiting professors
    • university lecturers
    • part-time professors, honorary professors, non-scheduled professors, retired professors, insofar as they hold courses at the University
  • Group of Academic Staff
    • senior assistants, senior engineers
    • scientific and artistic assistants
    • academic staff
    • other members of the full-time academic staff and visiting lecturers
  • Group of Students
    • enrolled students
    • doctoral students
  • Technical and Administrative Staff (MTV)
    • All other employees of the University