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Exercise physiology and biomechanical laboratory

Head of laboratory: Dr. Tom Krüger

 The Division of Training and Movement Science has a dedicated research laboratory used primarily by staff and postgraduates. Undergraduates may use them for dissertation work, research assistants or participants.

Our laboratory is equipped with:

1.)    Kinetic apparatus

  • Isokinetic dynamometer (IsoMed2000, including leg unit and stand-alone back unit; D & R Ferstl GmbH)
  • Force plates (Leonardo, Kistler, AMTI)
  • Hand grip dynamometer (i.e. Jamar Puls, Jamar)
  • Judo ergometer system (JERGo, FES Berlin)
  • Pressure-sensitive gait analysis system FDM-T for h/p/cosmos quasar med (zebris)
  • NordBord - system to monitor hamstring strength and muscle imbalances (VALD Performance)
  • FiTRODYNE power and speed analyzer (Tendo Sports Machine, Trenchin, Slovak Republic)

2.)    Kinematic apparatus

  • Ten camera 3D motion capturing system (Vicon)
  • Photocell system (WITTY; Microgate)
  • Gait and jump analyses system (OptoGait, OptoJump; Microgate)
  • High-speed cameras (Basler)
  • GaitUp Gait Analysis - PhysiGait Lab (GaitUp)
  • GaitUp Gait Running Analysis - PhysiRun Lab (GaitUp)

3.)    Posturography

  • Reactive balance platform (i.e., Posturomed, Haider), including an instrumented perturbation unit
  • Stability platform (Lafayette)
  • Y-balance-test kit (IAT Leipzig; FMS)
  • Y-balance-test kit Artzt (Ludwig Artzt GmbH)
  • Pedar-posturo analyser (novel)
  • smart EquiTest System (NeuroCom)

4.)    Bio-/electrophysiological apparatus

  • Heart rate monitor (Polar)
  • Lactate analyzer (i.e. Lactate scout+, Biosen C; EKF diagnostics)
  • Bioimpedance analysis system InBody 720 (Biospace)
  • Surface electromyography (EMG) systems (Noraxon, Biovision, EISA)
  • Muscle stimulator (Digitimer)
  • Sixty-four-channel mobile electroencephalography (EEG) system (ANT Neuro)
  • Ergospirometry system MetaLyser 3B_R3 (CORTEX)
  • Ultrassound system SmartUs EXT-1M (Telemed Medical Systems)