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Information for Postal Voters

Important notice:

This application form is used to request postal voting for:

  • The elections of the student parliament

  • The Nextbike ballot vote

  • The elections of all other committees.

Submission is required only once for all elections. In case you already submitted this request for any of the elections stated above, no additional submission is required regarding the other.

Information on postal voting

  • Requests for postal voting can be submitted via the online form of the central election committee and apply for the Nextbike ballot vote, the student parliament election and for the committee election (senate, faculty councils, etc.).
  • The dispatch of postal vote documents will be conducted by the electoral office of the University of Potsdam.
  • The University of Potsdam will cover all shipping costs.
  • Postal voting from abroad is possible.
  • We recommend submitting requests as early as possible. Even within Germany the usual postal delivery times are exceeded.

Postal voting procedure

In the following, the postal vote with delivery of voting documents in advance of the election is described. The postal vote can also be requested and carried out directly at a polling station.

  • Requesting the postal vote:
    • The deadline for requesting postal voting is 8th June 2023.
  • Dispatch of the postal vote documents by the electoral office to the given address will begin on 31st May 2023.
  • Completed election documents with the enclosed envelopes must be received before closure of the polling stations (15th June 2023, 4 PM).
  • After 8th June, postal voting can be requested at one of the polling stations as well. The enclosed envelopes can also be turned in at one of the polling stations during the opening hours.