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Logo of UniSolar e.V. (sun around the colonnades of the university)
Photo: UniSolar e.V.
Logo of UniSolar e.V.

UniSolar Potsdam

UniSolar Potsdam was founded by enthusiastic students in 2010 both as a group at the university ('Hochschulgruppe') and association. The aim was to connect the university with renewable energies and thus the first large project was (and still is) our photovoltaic system on the roof of house 6 (music) at campus Golm, funded by a lot of private loans, mostly by students. Since then we established a lot of other projects, mostly funded by the feed-in proceeds of the photovoltaic system: education combined with fun as talks, films, discussions, but also things as a phone booth at campus Golm where you can give books, clothings and other stuff you don't need anymore and take with you anything you like.

As our group decreased in the last years, we search urgently for new members to continue our projects and begin new ones.

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