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Edible campus

The beginning

We decided in 2017 to bring sustainability to the campus Griebnitzsee. We looked for an idea to make new friends and also to subtly remind of sustainability. Everyone likes free food - and trees, so we decided to plant fruit trees. They are a contribution to the topic edible city, provide food for insects in the spring and provide fruits for us and other animals in the autumn. In summer 2018, everything was ready: the areas were set, planting and care were arranged with "Studentenwerk" and, most of all, the trees arrived! We planted all seven trees (3 plums, 2 pears, 2 cherries), watered them a lot and lashed them to stakes. We are very happy that the working group Public and Nonprofit Management helps us watering the trees, as we could provide water twice a week during summer.

2nd year

In March 2019, we conducted a workshop cutting them. Every tree were checked, some of them we cutted back and one pear needed help. Two branches grew towards the inside, therefore might hinder themselves in the future. We inserted little pieces of wood which push the branches to the outside. Now every spot should get enough light.

Our trees welcomed the spring and flower - we're happy they survived the dry summer :)

We still urgently look for people help us watering the trees! We prefer groups, as together (or alternating) everything is more fun. Please contact us!