Digital Book of Condolences for Prof. Dr. Andreas Musil

Digital Book of Condolences for Prof. Dr. Andreas Musil
Photo: Karla Fritze

In deep mourning, the University of Potsdam bids farewell to its Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Andreas Musil. The university has not only lost a highly esteemed and committed university lecturer and lawyer, but also a competent colleague and a formative member of the university administration. The heartfelt sympathy of all university members goes out to his wife and two sons at this difficult time.

Letters of condolence can be sent by email to presseuni-potsdamde. They will then be published online here.

Those who wish to sign the book of condolences in person can do so at Am Neuen Palais, Building 9 (in front of the President’s Office on the second floor).

In recent years, Prof. Dr. Andreas Musil has significantly shaped teaching and studying at the University of Potsdam with his commitment and vast expertise. As Vice President, he broke new ground and introduced system accreditation in Potsdam. He integrated new concepts and processes and in doing so advanced the development of teaching and studies enormously. As a member of the university administration, he was creative and solution-oriented, while keeping his focus on the university and its employees and students.

In 2007, Dr. Musil was appointed Professor of Public Law, in particular Administrative and Tax Law, at the University of Potsdam, where he initially fought for the continued existence of the Faculty of Law. In 2012, he was elected Vice President for Teaching and Studies. From 2011 to 2020, he was a part-time judge at the Higher Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg. After a long and difficult battle against cancer, Andreas Musil has now been taken from this life far too early. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

University President Prof. Oliver Günther, Ph.D.: “Andreas Musil was not only a great professor of law, an innovative vice president for studies and teaching, and a consistently critical spirit, but first and foremost a politically and socially committed person with heartfelt sincerity. Working with him was always a great enrichment, both professionally and personally. We will miss him - as a colleague and as a friend.”

Prof. Jens Petersen, Dean of the Faculty of Law: “It is solely thanks to Andreas Musil that we were one of the first law faculties to award a bachelor’s degree in addition to the state examination. Ten years ago, he thereby ensured the continued existence of our faculty in difficult times. As an inspiring teacher and one of the nation’s leading tax lawyers, he created a highly successful master’s program in corporate and tax law.”

General Students' Committee (AStA): “The message of Prof. Dr. Musil's much too early death has deeply affected us and many other students and student representatives. As a lecturer and as Vice President for Teaching and Studies, Mr. Musil always had an open ear for us and also represented our interests in the university management. With his openness and humor, he enriched many meetings and sessions in particular and probably contributed like no other to a sense of community among the status groups, even beyond Potsdam. We have the highest respect for Mr. Musil's numerous merits and contributions to a more future-oriented university and university landscape. We will miss him greatly. Our thoughts are with his family and all who were close to him.”

Dr. Thomas Grünewald, President of the Hochschule Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences: “Andreas Musil was an outstanding colleague for me, from the moment of his appointment, and he also soon became a good friend. In 2012, he was my successor to the Presidium of the University of Potsdam. Just a few days before his death, I was able to speak with him, and I marveled at how much of his wit and charm was still there, even though the illness had taken everything from him. His death touched me profoundly. My grief for him is deep, and my sympathy goes out to his wife and sons. He gave everything for the University of Potsdam, right to the end. That is admirable. May Andreas Musil not be forgotten.”

Dr. Christian Jennerich, Zessko, Head of "Starting Studies for International Students" / Network Coordinator for the ESiSt Program: „I was deeply affected by the untimely death of Prof. Andreas Musil. I got to know Mr. Musil during the development period of the "Successful start to studies for international students in the state of Brandenburg" ("Erfolgreicher Studieneinstieg für internationale Studierende im Bundesland Brandenburg,” or ESiSt). I will greatly miss his ability to quickly think his way into different structural processes, his supportive as well as quality-oriented approach, and especially his humane attitude. On behalf of the “Starting Studies for International Students” team at Zessko, I would like to wish his family in particular a lot of strength for the coming time.“