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EXIST Business Start-up Grant

These requirements are necessary:

Requirement 1

Your company has not been founded yet.
Your project is innovative and knowledge or technology oriented.
 Your project offers an innovative knowledge-based service or a product based on scientific findings.

Requirement 2

You are a scientist from a public, non-profit, non-university research institution or higher education institution. 
You have graduated from a higher education institution or worked as a research associate (up to 5 years after graduation or leaving the position). 
 You are currently studying and have completed at least half of your studies (in terms of credit points) at the time of application.

Special cases for teams: 

  1. Your team may consist of a maximum of 3 members.
  2. Your team can also be funded if one team member has a state-recognised vocational qualification.
  3. A team member may have graduated more than 5 years ago.
  4. Teams that are made up of a majority of students are only funded in exceptional cases.

We support you with:
✓  Validating the innovative business idea
✓  Composing your team
✓  Selecting a mentor from the University of Potsdam
✓  Assisting with the application, including the 25-page idea paper
✓  Organizing the project’s implementation (e.g. payment of the grants, procurement processes, etc.)
✓  Identifying and selecting follow-up funding opportunities (e.g. Gründung Innovativ, Brandenburger Innovationsfachkräfte)
✓  Facilitating the participation in trade fairs in Germany and Europe

The Startup Service offers you additional benefits:
✓  Office and meeting space at Campus Griebnitzsee or Golm 
✓  Personal support
✓  Exchange with other EXIST teams in the monthly EXIST-Jour Fixe
✓  Networking opportunities with network partners and investors