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Consulting Process

Personen stehen in einer Runde zur Beratung zusammen.
Photo: Tilo Bergemann

To turn your idea into a successful startup, we have designed a step-by-step programme which can be adapted to your specific needs.

Our award-winning advisory service accompanies you along your journey, providing you with the crucial know-how to become a successful entrepreneur.

Our consultation summarized:

  1. Initial Meeting: Get acquainted with us as we understand your idea together.
  2. Intensive Workshop: Dive deeper into your business idea and discover its full potential.
  3. Startup Roadmap: Receive personalized funding recommendations and create a customized roadmap for your startup.
  4. Coaching Phase: Receive professional coaching to successfully implement your business operations.
  5. Post-Startup Support: Join our network, access workshops, and continue your growth.

Necessary requirements:

  1. You are currently not self-employed.
  2. You are planning to start a business in the state of Brandenburg.
  3. You meet one of the following criteria:
    You are studying at a higher education institution in the state of Brandenburg. 
    You have graduated from a higher education institution in the state of Brandenburg within the last 7 years.
     You belong to the academic staff of a higher education institution in the state of Brandenburg.

For teams, only one person needs to meet the requirements.

Do you have an international background?
Click here for our international startup service.