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Presence Office O-H-V | Velten

The O-H-V | Velten attendance centre is a joint project of the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences (THB) and the University of Potsdam. It is funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of the State of Brandenburg.

Project management: Sascha Thormann
Project staff:
Maria Korn-Götze
Mareen Curran (employee of the THB)

The O-H-V | Velten presence centre is linked to the Brandenburg University of Technology and the University of Potsdam and strengthens the presence of science and research in the O-H-V regional growth core in the Oberhavel district. At its location in Velten railway station, the presence office is a "science station" that opens doors to the universities and non-university research institutions of the state of Brandenburg as well as to the region. Companies as well as people interested in studying and science have quick and uncomplicated access to teaching and research. The "Science Station" links students, alumni and scientists with actors in the region. The O-H-V | Velten presence is a place for exchange, networking and learning from each other. It acts as a link between society, business and science in the state of Brandenburg.

Fields of activity

  • Study orientation for pupils interested in studyingCareer orientation for students and graduatesProviding contacts for internships and working student positions as well as topics for final theses
  • Pointing out existing innovation and exploitation potentials
  • Establishing contacts between companies and universities as well as non-university research institutions in the state of Brandenburg for joint research and development projects
  • Acquisition of funding programmes
  • Promoting the exchange and networking of all interested parties on current research topics
  • Organisation and implementation of transfer events

Current events, an overview of all offers and contact information can be found at