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Startup funding

Start-up funding
Photo: Tilo Bergemann

Startup in Brandenburg

The Startup Service of the University of Potsdam is funded by the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Energy with money from the European Social Fund (ESF) and the state of Brandenburg.

Project Management: Johannes Zier

Project team members:

Ole Korn (startup consulting with focus on start-up culture and sensitization)
Annette Schöberle (project assistance)
N.N. (Startup consulting with focus on entrepreneurship education)
Amy Schmiedeskamp (Startup consulting with focus on EXIST start-up scholarship & research transfer)

N.N. (Startup consulting with focus on cooperation of start-up relevant actors)
Ella Selina Fischer (Marketing & Public Relations)


Project description

The "Start-up Service at the University of Potsdam" is the central contact point for start-ups and offers all students, alumni (up to 5 years after graduation) and academic employees of the university support in the development and realisation of their start-up concepts.

The aim of the start-up service is to raise awareness of entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour and to create a start-up-friendly environment at all locations of the University of Potsdam. The university's development of scientific potential in a wide variety of disciplines also enables a wide variety of technology-oriented and knowledge-based services and products to be developed as a basis for innovative business models. The start-up service thus makes a decisive contribution to the innovative strength of the state of Brandenburg and the attractiveness of this location for highly educated people.

A comprehensive range of services is made available for the development of entrepreneurial skills and sustainable start-up ideas. Following an initial evaluation, our services include intensive workshops (development centres) over several days as part of group coaching as well as personal individual consultations for individual development. In addition, those interested in founding a company benefit from the intensive co-operation  of the start-up service with regional and supra-regional network partners.

Consultations, workshops and events take place almost exclusively on the premises of the three university locations and are accessible to all. The special flexibility of our advisors also allows family-friendly scheduling.

Duration: 31.10.2022 - 31.12.2025