NEW 2020: Crossroads of History

Tailor Made Program with the University of Massachusetts Boston

Srudents of the University of Massachusetts Boston
Photo: University of Massachusetts Boston
University of Massachusetts Boston meets University of Potsdam in the summer of 2020

June 29 - July 19, 2020 Program Overview

Located in the heart of Europe, the Berlin-Potsdam metropolitan region will captivate you with stimulating experiences and new insights. This three-week study abroad program, led by a University of Massachusetts Boston faculty member, offers two 3-credit classes. Discover European history, art, and culture, learn German and fulfill your general education requirements! In today’s increasingly globalized world, a well-rounded graduate with study abroad experience, German-language skills, and intercultural competence will make you stand out on the job market.

Potsdam, located 15 miles southeast of Berlin’s city center, is a picturesque cultural jewel, home to Germany’s largest World Heritage Site. The metropolitan region of Berlin-Potsdam is exciting, culturally diverse, safe, and affordable. Make sure not to miss out on this extraordinary study abroad opportunity!

A first time cooperation between the University of Potsdam and the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures (MLLC) in collaboration with the College of Advancing and Professional Studies (CAPS) in 2020.

This course is open to all University of Massachusetts students. Individuals from other colleges and universities are also welcome to apply.

  • Application Deadline

      April 1st, 2020

  • Courses & Credits
  1. German 230, 3 credits — Satisfies World Cultures distribution requirement and the International Diversity requirement.
  2. German language study, 3 credits — Satisfies World Language distribution (placement test taken upon arrival).
  •  Leisure Time Program inclusive!

      Excursions,  Exploration and Sightseeing Tours of Potsdam and Berlin

  • Housing
    Homestay Program with German Host Families.

You may find more detailed information for this Tailor Made Program 2020 at the official website of the UMass Boston HERE!

International students, who are interested in an exchange program at the UMass Boston, may find more information at the website of the UMass Boston Office of Global Programs HERE!