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Public Transportation System & Travelling through Germany

Photo: Karla Fritze

Public Transportation System

Both Potsdam & Berlin have a great transportation network including buses, branch lines, trams, metro lines, as well as ferries enabling you to conveniently go to all places in the cities and their suburbs.

Important advice: Please note, that the tickets for public short-distance traffic are not included in the course fees!

Berlin, Potsdam and Brandenburg established a cooperation of their public transportation system called the Verkehrsverbund Berlin Brandenburg (VBB). Using the website of the VBB, you can find the fastest connection to all stops in the whole area of Berlin and Brandenburg. A nice overview of all regions and cities in Brandenburg, as well as the Berlin network, you can find here:

We generally recommend to purchase an ABC ticket for Berlin. The description ABC represents the three zones A, B, and C which Berlin is divided into, while zone C includes the whole city of Potsdam, which means that you can use all means of local public transportation in both of the two cities.

Here you will find more information concerning the ticket prices and an overview of the various ticket options.

We are also happy to give you more information and advice at the course office.

Travelling through Germany & Europe

Starting in Potsdam or Berlin, you can easily reach all big cities and regions in Germany via interregional buses, by train, or by airplane.

Moreover, due to its central location within Europe, Germany is a great starting point in all directions - be it Western or Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, or the Mediterranean region. Thanks to the two airports in Berlin, you have a great connection network at your door step and the German railway connections are a great alternative as well - there are convenient offers for trips to neighboring countries. Additionally, there are interregional buses going from Berlin to neighboring countries as well.