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General information for your stay in Potsdam

Photo: Matthias Friel

On the following pages you will find general information about preparation, arrival, your stay in Potsdam and departure. Please note the special information in the course programs which can differ. If you have further questions feel free to contact your course provider.

Before Arrival

Passport and Worldmap

Visa Requirements

Do you need a visa to enter Germany? Here you will find information.

Flags of Countries and Euros

(Health) Insurance

Dou you need a health insurance or other insurances for your stay in Potsdam? Read more.

Residential Building

Find the right place

What are your options? What do you have to bring with you and to cover all bases? Here we have collected all important information.

Arrival & Stay in Potsdam

Arrival Information Board

Arrival Information

How do you reach us? Here you will find directions and important addresses!

Cafeteria on Campus Griebnitzsee, Potsdam - Babelsberg

Meals on Campus and in Potsdam

Where can you find food on campus & in Potsdam and how much is it? More can be found here.

Bus in Potsdam

Public Transportation & Travelling in Germany

Both Potsdam & Berlin have a great transportation network enabling you to conveniently go to all places in the cities.

Dormitory Rooms

Dormitory rooms

How is your dorm room equipped, how can I access the Internet, where can I shop? Answers can be found here.

Brandenburg Gate

Leisure Time in Potsdam & Berlin

You are bored? That is impossible! Potsdam & Berlin offer a wide range of activities for your leisure time.