Health Insurance & other Insurances

Photo: Matthias Friel

Health Insurance

The cost of the course does not include insurance. All participants have to pay for their health, accident, and casualty insurances themselves. Please note that medical service in Germany can be expensive if you are not insured. Members of certain countries have to provide proof of their health insurance when applying for their visa. Also, it is possible that such a proof will be asked for when entering the country.

Citizens of the EU

Your European health insurance card is valid in Germany if you are only temporarily resident in Germany and have not traveled to Germany specifically for the purpose of medical treatment. The costs of return hospital transport are not covered.

Citizens from all other Countries

Mandatory health insurance does not apply during summer course Programs, preparatory German courses or other programs preparing students for their studies in Germany, and such students normally carry private health insurance during this time. After the end of their preparatory German course or program – i.e., with the beginning of their studies – these students can enroll in statutory health insurance.

More information for international students who want to stay abroad at the University of Potsdam can be found here.

Liability Insurance

In Germany, anyone who causes damages to another party can be held liable. It is therefore customary to take out a private liability insurance policy to insure against any claims that may arise from unintentionally caused damages.

Liability insurance should at least cover all private liability claims, and as much business-related liability claims as possible.