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Prof. Dr. Fabian Schuppert | Photo: Tobias Hopfgarten

Politics and Ethics go Hand in Hand – Fabian Schuppert considers political theory a very practical matter

Mountains or Sea? Fabian Schuppert should decide – “Mountains”. Car or Bike? He is sitting in his office in Griebnitzsee, which he moved into only a... more
Prof. Dr. Johann Lilliestam. | Photo: Tobias Hopfgarten

“Energy concerns us all” – Environmental scientist Johan Lilliestam is confident: A complete turnaround in the energy sector will come

The world is hungry! In some 20 years from now, it will devour a third more energy than five years ago. And there is no end in sight. At the same... more
[Translate to Übersetzung Englisch:] Ingo Balderjahn | Foto: Karla Fritze

Less Is More…At Least When It Comes to Consumption – Economists want to raise awareness of sustainable consumption

Every year the latest phone model, the fifth pair of stylish brand sneakers, an expensive bottle of wine every night. Consumption can take many forms... more
Aus dem Dokumentarfilm „Science in Exile“ von Nicole Leghissa. Foto: © Nicole Leghissa/TWAS

For Academic Freedom – Lecture Series with Refugee Scholars

A multidisciplinary lecture series at the University of Potsdam is offering a forum for scholars who have been forced to flee their homelands and are... more

City, Country, Climate - Why global climate policy is also a matter of administration

Climate change affects us all. It confronts humanity with problems that we can only overcome together – if at all. Year after year, representatives... more
Smog über Hongkong. Foto: Pixel

Post-carbon futures – Making the City of Tomorrow

About two thirds of all Europeans and over three quarters of Germans now live in cities…and their number is continuously increasing. Urbanization is a... more
„Früher hatte man nur eine einzige Möglichkeit, sich in die Kommunalpolitik einzumischen: Indem man zur Wahl ging“, sagt Jochen Franzke. Foto: Christian Schwier/Fotolia

“Not Without Us!” – New forms of participatory democracy enrich local policy

Water cannons roll, batons are swung, tear gas is in the air. The Stuttgart Palace Gardens have changed into a place of violence, chaos, rage and... more
[Translate to Übersetzung Englisch:] Ankunft am Flughafen in Mazar, Foto: Julka Jantz

A Travel Diary from Afghanistan: Kabul, 29 September 2014, Day 8

We are stranded at Kabul Airport. Airport Road has been closed since 6am for the high-ranking guests of the president’s inauguration. Civil flights... more
[Translate to Übersetzung Englisch:] Mittagessen bei Dekan Sharaf, Mazar, Foto: Prof. Dr. Harald Fuhr

A Travel Diary from Afghanistan: Mazar, 30 September 2014, Day 9

We are heading north on a ruler-straight street towards Mazar-e Sharif International Airport. A lot has changed since we arrived here for the first... more
[Translate to Übersetzung Englisch:] Foto: Harlad Fuhr

A Travel Diary from Afghanistan: Kabul, 28 September 2014, Day 7

We started in Herat this morning at 6am. Due to the usual morning traffic jams we only have about an hour to freshen up in our hotel before visiting... more