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News from the University of Potsdam

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A new exhibition organized by UP students shows 30 pictures from the Revolution of Dignity 2013/14 in Ukraine.

A Fight for Freedom of Opinion and Independence – Students Develop an Exhibition on Ukraine's Recent History

A small red house called "Slowo" is embroidered with red thread on Danylo Poliluev-Schmidt's black shirt. The vyshyvanka worn by the student picks up …
Dr. Julia Rüthemann (l.) und Prof. Dr. Katharina Philipowski (r.) im Interview. Das Foto ist von Tobias Hopfgarten.

Love in middle high german – How medieval courtly love poetry provided knowledge about courting

When you open the door to Katharina Philipowski’s office, you seem to enter into a different time. Early modern portraits and reproductions of …
Sven Dinklage | Photo: privat

Interview with: Sven Dinklage – Working as the UP’s Liason Officer in Brazil

Since 2012, the University of Potsdam has been expanding its academic relations with Brazil, especially with the universities of the state of São …
Beit Berl College near Kfar Saba | Photo: Beit Berl College

Not a “Single Story” – How a German-Israeli COIL Project Helps Participants Overcome Stereotypes

“Power is the ability not just to tell the story of another person, but to make it the definitive story of that person.” This is an insight that …