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Highlight für Geowissenschaftler: In den Anden gibt es alles, was geologisch interessant ist. Foto: Andreas Bergner

Solid Relationships – Research cooperation between Potsdam and Argentina expanding

The Andes are an Eldorado for geoscientists: The South American mountain range is one of the earth’s youngest and most active ranges, making it one of... more
Die Anden im Nordwesten Argentiniens. Foto: Taylor Schildgen

On Precipices – Landscape Response to Climate Change

Landscapes change over hundreds of thousands, even millions of years. Tectonic events and erosion create mountain ranges and remove them again. The... more
Nanogranite – winzige Schmelzeinschlüsse –, die erst bei enormer Vergrößerung unter dem Mikroskop erkennbar sind. Foto: Silvio Ferrero

Set in Stone – What Geoscientist Silvio Ferrero Finds Inside Rocks is 500 Million Years Old

Stones move, not just in the pockets or backpacks of fascinated collectors around the world. Stones also move through rock: from the surface they get... more
Picture: Medico International

When the Flood Comes – Catherine Abon Develops a Flood Early Warning System for the Philippines

With its 7000 islands, the Philippines is the world’s fifth largest island country – and a holiday paradise. Lying at the border of the Philippine and... more
Quelle: Oliver Korup

Tales as Old as the Hills

Geoscientist Oliver Korup Explores Natural Hazards
If earthquakes, landslides, floods and debris avalanches cannot be prevented, then people in the affected regions want to know at least how often such... more
Forscher in der Arktis, nahe Spitzbergen Foto: Daniel Vollmer

Call for Applications for the „Arctic in the Anthropocene“ Summer School

First Potsdam Summer School on the „Arctic in the Anthropocene“
We have the pleasure to announce the call for applications for the first Potsdam Summer School PSS 2014 on the “Arctic in the Anthropocene” in... more