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Sensors in cuddly bears? Researchers are studying how sensors influence our perception. | Photo: AdobeStock/bualuang.

How Technologies Affect our Emotions – Researchers Study the Impact of Sensors on Perception

What happens when parents leave the task of watching by the bedside of their fevered child to a plush teddy equipped with a sensor? How does a dog... more
Prof. Johannes Ungelenk. | Foto: Karla Fritze.

Touched by the Uncertain – Literary Scholar Johannes Ungelenk Takes Unusual Paths

To fail the reading of theoretical texts with pleasure, to write about the weather as a literary scholar and to familiarize students with the... more
Lisa Andergassen. Foto: Meike Sieveking.

Can Pornography Be Fair? – Lisa Andergassen on fairness in a controversial industry

Pornographic representations have been around for thousands of years: They have been passed down in frescos, sculptures, and paintings from ancient... more
DIGAREC – the Digital Games Research Center at the University of Potsdam. Photo: Karla Fritze.

Games - Past, present, and future of a young medium

In the course of its short history, computer gaming has already undergone rapid changes. And for exactly this reason, it poses a challenge to... more
An illustration from the book "Kreuz und Quer durch die indische Welt" by John Hagenbeck

RAMPAGE – Professor Heiko Christians puts a current topic in perspective

They are acts of violence triggering exceptional horror and disbelief – shooting rampages often claim many lives. Most victims happen to be in the... more