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The Founders: Christian Zimmermann and Stella Strüfing | Photo: Nongin

Sparkling and tasty – Start-up “Noa Drinks” develops non-alcoholic gin

Sparkling or non-sparkling wine without alcohol often has an insipid flavor: either watery or just sweet. In any case, these alternatives are hardly... more
Fluoreszenzmikroskopische Aufnahme von menschlichen Neuronen; grün: das neuronale Netzwerk, blau: die Zellkerne. | Foto: Tanja Schwerdtle.

Searching for Traces – Nutritional Scientists Want to Fill Knowledge Gaps about Trace Elements

Iodine, zinc, iron, copper, selenium, and manganese are essential trace elements our body needs in tiny quantities. Yet basic knowledge about these... more
Psychologin Diana Peitz. Foto: Thomas Roese.

Tracking down hunger with nose, ears and heart – Psychologists test a promising new therapeutic approach for eating and weight disorders

A crispy bread roll, a juicy mango, or a warming soup - our food appeals to many senses and usually serves more than just the need to fill the... more
Foto: Karla Fritze

Learning How to Lose Weight

Psychologists in Potsdam have developed a training program for obese young people
They’ve just grown out of children’s shoes and are already too fat. Unfortunately this no longer a rare situation. Pathological obesity at an early... more
Foto: Iris/

Too Much or Not Enough

Malnutrition – A worldwide problem
Not enough food to fill the stomach. This is bitter reality for about 2 billion people on our globe. Millions die every year. Undernourishment is... more
Bild: Berthold Hocher

Programming Early in the Womb

About a new type of gestational diabetes and early programming of subsequent diseases
The publication in the scientific serial PNAS caused quite a stir. Together with scientists from the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland,... more