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(Not) alone together – University of Potsdam students develop “WESOLATE“ app offering a certain degree of being social from a distance

On the corona pandemic – contributions from the University of Potsdam

Working and studying from home, social distancing and the omnipresent #stayhome currently ensure that social contacts are reduced to an absolute minimum. What is supposed to prevent the number of infections with the coronavirus from skyrocketing is an ordeal for many – an interpersonal dry spell. In order to remedy this, students from the University of Potsdam – together with a network of volunteers – have developed an app that makes the impossible possible: being alone together. Matthias Zimmermann talked to Marco and Tim about the idea behind "WESOLATE" and how it became a reality.

WESLOATE – what is that?

With WESLOATE the time in isolation at home can be virtually organized together with friends. To do this, a digital daily schedule can be compiled from a series of different events on all known social platforms. No matter if it's workouts with your favorite influencer, educational offers or the latest blockbuster on TV, there is something for everyone at any time of the day.

How does the app work?

The best thing to do is to watch our video on Youtube or visit us on Instagram, where the app will be presented to you in more detail.

How was it created?

Our team was formed online within the context of the hackathon #WirVsVirus organized by the German government in the fight against the coronavirus and now consists of over 70 volunteers.

Why did you participate in the hackathon?

Jerome, co-founder of our own startup, contacted us at night all excited and with a rough draft of WESOLATE and initiated the project. We were thrilled with the idea and wanted to be part of the team. We didn't know exactly what to expect. Looking back, we had the chance to share an incredible experience with many ambitious, intelligent and creative people.

What can people do to support you?

If you want to support us, give us a thumbs up on Youtube. Until Friday, it is possible to vote for us that way. Other than that, the most important thing is: share, share, share. Follow us on all channels and help us make sure that everyone hears about WESOLATE. This is the only way to create a network. Apart from that, anyone who has time can support us. If you have 1-2 hours a day to spare, contact us via social media.

Could you tell us a little more about yourselves?

We know each other from craftdrive, a start-up in Potsdam where we both work together with Jerome. Tim studies Computer Science at the University of Potsdam, is an app developer first and foremost and an absolute specialist in "Flutter", which we also use to develop the WESOLATE app. Marco studies Business Administration at the University of Potsdam, is one of the co-founders of craftdrive and supports WESOLATE in terms of partnerships.

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