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Dr. Barthe Bloom


Telefon: -230107

E-Mail: bloomuni-potsdamde

After having studied Scandinavian languages and cultures in my bachelor at the University of Groningen, I obtained my Research master in Linguistics from Leiden University. In 2021, I obtained my PhD (summa cum laude) at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena with the dissertation “Lateral relations & multiple source constructions: the Old English subject relative clause and the Norwegian han mannen-construction”. Since August 2021, I am working as a PostDoc in the DFG project “Word Order and Discourse Structure in the Early Modern Period” at the University Potsdam (PI: Prof. Dr. Demske). In this project, I focus on the left periphery of the sentence.

Focus of work

  • usage-based construction grammar
  • language change
  • definite noun phrases
  • word order changes
  • Germanic languages


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Bloom, B. (2020, November). 2020. Han mannen and his neighbors: A contrastive study of han mannen’s constructional neighborhood in Bokmål, Danish, and Swedish. Constructions in the Nordics 2, Online.

Bloom, B. (2021, August).  Life at the intersection: Two case studies of lateral feature transfer from multiple source constructions. International Conference on Construction Grammar 11, Antwerp.