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Vorträge und Veröffentlichungen


Juli 2022 Left peripheral so in the German, Dutch, and English Pontus Small languages, Big ideas, Universität Oldenburg Barthe Bloom
August 2022 Left peripheral so in Early New High German narratives ICHL25, Oxford Barthe Bloom
August 2022 V1 Declaratives in the History of German ICHL 25, Oxford Ulrike Demske
September 2022 Därmed så är det rätt bra. Doch so muß ich aynes dartzu sagen: The preverbal use of [ADVERB + so/så] in Modern Swedish and Early New High German Constructions in the Nordics 3, Kiel Barthe Bloom
Februar 2023 Cohesion and/or disruption? The discourse functions of Early New High German adverbial + so Cracks in the bottleneck: Verb-third and the polyoccupation of the initial slot in verb-second languages – insights from Germanic and beyond, Paris Barthe Bloom