Ilaria De Cesare



    E-Mail: decesareuni-potsdamde

    SFB 1287: Limits of Variability in Language, Projekt A02

    Studied Germanic languages and literature and applied linguistics (“Mediazione linguistica e interculturale”) at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome, completed in December 2013. 2013-2014 business interpreter at multiple trade fairs. M.A. in linguistics of foreign languages at the University of Potsdam (focus: German as a foreign language), completed July 2017. 2015-2017 student assistant at the Chair of History and Variation of the German Language at the University of Potsdam (Prof. Dr. Demske). Since August 2017 research fellow in the project A2 „Grammatical Processing and Syntactic Change“ of the Collaborative Reaserch Centre 1287 „Limits of Variability in Language“ at the University of Potsdam (Project directors: Prof. Dr. U. Demske and Dr. C. Felser)


    • Infinitival syntax
    • Early New High German syntax
    • syntactic change


    With P. Dietrich, F. Nojack, J. Schlauch, N. Sürmeli & S. Titze: Verständnis und Verarbeitung von V2-Nebensätzen. Weil: eine empirische Studie ist überfällig. 18. Norddeutsches Linguistisches Kolloquium. (March 2017).

    Demske, U. & De Cesare, I. (2018, März). Grammatical processing and syntactic change: infinitival complements in German. Invited talk presented at lecture series "Linguistic Circle", University of Edinburgh.

    De Cesare, I. (2018, Juni). Grammatical processing and syntactic change: infinitival complements in German. Workshop Historical Syntax, Sum-UP 2018, Universität Potsdam.

    De Cesare, I. (2019, Juli). Word order variability and change in German infinitival complements. 24th International Conference on Historical Linguistics (ICHL 24), ANU Canberra, Australia.

    De Cesare, I. (2019, Oktober). Textsorteneffekte auf die Stellung infiniter Komplemente im Frühneuhochdeutschen. Eine quantitative Untersuchung. Workshop "Syntax der Frühen Neuzeit", Universität Potsdam.

    De Cesare, I.,  Bosch, S., Demske, U & Felser, C. (2019, Oktober). Word order variation in German infinitival complements: Evidence from corpus and experimental data. Workshop “ Multi-methodological approaches to synchronic and diachronic variation", Universität Potsdam.

    Bosch, S., De Cesare, I., Felser, C., & Demske, U. (2020, Februar). A multi-methodological approach to word order variation in German infinitival complementation. Talk presented by Sina Bosch at Linguistic Evidence 2020, Tübingen.