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CLEWS master thesis

The almost 4000m mountain Erciyes Dağı in Turkey.
Foto: J. Wilk

Welcome to the comprehensive guide for the CLEWS Master's Thesis. Remember, your thesis isn't just an academic requirement; it's a stepping stone toward your professional career. While the journey may be long and demanding, it promises to be immensely rewarding. Embrace this challenge with enthusiasm, and it will lead you to success. Climb the mountain and the view towards your future will be great.
(Photo: The almost 4000m mountain Erciyes Dağı in Turkey.)

FAQ for starting your master thesis

Aim of the master thesis

How do I find a topic for my Master's thesis?

Choosing two supervisors

Two CLEWS modules support your graduation

When to register?

Topic assignment - How to register?

Writing process

What if you want to change your topic?

Processing time

Formal requirements for submission

Missed/late submission

Grading procedure of your master thesis

Defense organisation

Defence procedure

Optional 3rd supervisor for your thesis defense

Booking a room for your thesis defense

Note: This FAQ may contain some outdated information. For the latest information, please visit the Examination Office website here.