COST ‘LocRef’ Concluding Conference

Brussels (Belgium), 09/10 March 2017
Venue: Premises of the Committee of the Regions, Brussels

“European Local Government: Challenges, Reforms, and Futures”

Theme day 1 (09-03-17): dedicated to the “Policy Brochure Project” which gives research overviews, scientific conclusions and policy advices to practitioners (target audience: practitioners, CoR members, academics).

Theme day 2 (10-03-17): Concluding Working Group Meetings, Summary & Ending of the COST Action (target audience: academics; CoR members & practitioners welcome).

Practicalities will be provided soon. Paper room is active and can be accessed here:

4th COST ‘LocRef’ PhD Training School

Potsdam (Germany), 13-16 September 2016

“Contested Administrations – Challenged Politics: Addressing
Wicked Problems at Local, National, and International Levels of

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5th General COST-LocRef MC and WG Meeting

Bern (Switzerland), 30-31 March 2016

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General COST-LocRef MC and WG Meeting

Istanbul (Turkey), 22/23 October 2015

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3rd COST ‘LocRef’ PhD Training School

Spetses, Greece, 13-17 September 2015

Innovation in Local Government

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4th General COST-LocRef MC and WG Meeting

Dubrovnik (Croatia), 05/06 May 2015

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COST-Polleader Meeting

Florence (Italy), 23 February 2015

COST-LocRef WG I Meeting

Paris (France), 15/16 January 2015

COST-LocRef WG II Meeting

Tromsø (Norway), 03 December 2014

COST-LocRef WG IV Meeting

Leicester (UK), 27 November 2014

COST-LocRef WG III Meeting

Speyer (Germany), 11 September 2014

3rd General COST-LocRef MC and WG Meeting

Local Public Sector Reforms: An International Comparison (LocRef IS 1207) Potsdam (Germany), 15-16 May 2014

“Local Public Sector Reforms in Times of Crisis: National Trajectories and International Comparisons”

2nd COST ‘LocRef’ PhD Training School

29.09-02.10.2014, Siena, Italy

“Re-building Trust in Local Governments: Re-thinking Politics, Management and Governance in the Post-NPM Era”

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