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Photo: pdb ID 5JOM
Active site of Myoglobin with bound CO as ligand, data recorded at a X-Ray Free Electron Laser (LCLS - US).


Our research is focused on understanding chemical and biochemical dynamics on ultrafast timescales starting in the femtosecond regime, mainly by spectroscopic approaches. We are interested in fundamental photochemical processes, vibrational energy transfer, spin-crossover dynamics and structural rearrangements like bond-breaking events and how these fast processes connect to phenomena on longer timescales with particular emphasis on protein dynamics, allostery and structure function correlation. More generally, the scientific questions are driven by a curiosity to understand the physicochemical basis of biological processes using advanced experimental tools.

How is energy dissipated in large molecular systems? How are signals transduced (mechanically) in proteins? Why can an enzyme control a reaction to exactly yield one product? What are the underlying principles for controlling and steering reactions?


Come join us in this adventurous research at the intersection of physics, chemistry and biochemistry. 

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Our main technique is 2D-IR spectroscopy (in the lab in Golm) and we are additionally active in developing  time-resolved serial crystallography tools (in collaboration, mainly at DESY in Hamburg and Diamond/UK).