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Complex sentences

Complex sentences is a psycho-linguistic based treatment program for intervention and evaluation of deficits in sentence production (Schröder et al., 2009). The intervention protocol follows the treatment of underlying forms (TUF, Thompson, 2001). The structure of the sentence material and the procedure for evaluating treatment outcome are based on findings of neurolinguistic treatment research involving aphasic
patients with agrammatism (Stadie et al., 2008).

Komplexe Sätze

Photo: NAT Verlag

Therapy protocols

These are the English translations of our protocols for planning, developing and evaluating interventions in speech-language-therapy (Stadie & Schröder, 2009; Schröder & Stadie, 2011; Stadie, 2016):

1. Procedure of Therapy
2. Material: Overview
3. Material: Item list
4. Course of therapy: Quantitative analysis
5. Course of therapy: Qualitative analysis
6. Evaluation: Itemspecific analysis
7. Evaluation: Statistical analysis
8. Evaluation: Overall results

Ressources for assembling treatment material

- Data on frequency for German phonemes, letters, syllables, and words: 
     phoneme frequences (Aichert et al., 2005)
     letter frequencies
     syllable frequencies (Aichert et al., 2005)
     lemma- and lexeme frequencies (dlexDatenbank)
     Digital Dictionary of German (DWDS)

-Norming data for semantic typicality, age of acquisition, word frequency (dlexDB), and familiarity for 824 words of 11 semantic categories (Schröder et al., 2012)

- Norming data on age of acquisition for 258 German adjectives (Groba & De Houwer, 2011)

Collections of images and videos

Colored versions of the Snodgrass & Vanderwart images (Rossion & Pourtois, 2004) are available on M.J. Tarr's homepage at Brown University, USA (

German norming data for the Snodgrass & Vanderwart images (1980) is available for: age of acquisition (Schröder et al., 2004),  wort frequency (aus CELEX), visual complexity (Genzel et al., 1995).

Fotographs of the objects from the Bank of Standardized Stimuli (BOSS, Brodeur, Dionne-Dostie, Montreuil, & Lepage, 2010, normed and controlled for psycholinguistic and visual variables)

Normed drawings for objects (nouns) and actions (verbs) of the International Picture Naming Projects (Bates et al., 2000)

Coloured drawings of 750 objects with multilingual norming data from the MultiPic Project (Duñabeitia et al., 2017)

Overview of additional data bases for pictures, photographs and videos: Homepage of Sebastiaan Mathôt

Video clips for 784 object-related actions (Umla-Runge, Zimmer, Fu & Wang, 2012, Supplement)