Third-Party Funded Research

The Division of Training and Movement Science realizes various research projects in close collaboration with other universities and with non-university partners.

EMOTIKON - Sports and Physical Education in Primary Schools (2010-2018)

Title of the project: Grade 3 Motor Performance Testing to Continuously Evaluate Physical Education and Conduct Diagnosis-Based Systematizations of the Promotion of Sports and Physical Activity

(Original [German] title: „Erfassung der motorischen Leistungsfähigkeit in der Jahrgangsstufe (JST) 3 zur kontinuierlichen Evaluierung des Schulsports und einer diagnosebasierten Systematisierung der Sport- und Bewegungsförderung“)

Continuation of the EMOTIKON-Study by Scientifically Accompanying the statewide evaluation of the Physical Education in Primary-Schools

Project Sponsor:

Research Questions:

Which motor performances do 3rd graders show between 2010 and 2016? Which trends become apparent?

Which associations exist between motor performance and factors such as housing space, strain of social space, school policies, and physical activity in sports project groups and/or sport clubs?

Prospective: Do children who get a recommendation for sports/talent promotion ultimately also get the respective youth sports promotion?


  • Annually in Sept./Oct. testing of the motor performance of all 3rd graders by using a specific motor test (6 tasks) administered by trained teachers as part of physical education lessons
  • Scientific analysis – Feedback to participating schools, i. a. individualized performance profiles, classes/sections of recommendations with regard to sports/talent promotion and promotion of physical activity
  • Invitations to the regional TALENT-Competition staged by the state’s Sport Federation for the fittest youth
  • Enforcement of the establishment of physical activity remediation at schools with respect to the recommendations made



Prof. Dr. Urs Granacher (Project management)