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Research projects with participation of Centre members

The members of the centre "Language - Variation - Multilingualism" are involved in research projects in a variety of ways.

Multilingualism in Brandenburg

The state of Brandenburg has recently published a multilingualism concept (PDF 2 MB), in the development of which members of the centre SVM were involved.

Subproject of the Research Group RUEG: Dynamics of Discourse Organization in Language Contact 

This project investigates the dynamics of discourse organization in the language use of monolingual and multilingual speakers of English, German and Turkish.

Project leaders include Prof. Dr. Christoph Schroeder, Prof. Dr. Shanley Allen(U Kaiserslautern) and Prof. Dr. Heike Wiese(HU Berlin). 

Further information can be found here.

Red de Diversidad Lingüística en Colombia (ReDiLeC)

The network consists of European and Colombian researchers who are investigating to what extent linguistic diversity contributes to the extinction of mostly indigenous languages.

Network members include Ana María Reyes-Vujović  and Prof. Dr. Melanie Uth.

Further Information can be found here.

SFB 1287: Dialect-Standard Variability in Early Childhood

The project investigates the phonological development of children acquiring both a High Alemannic dialect and Standard German, exploring the influences of both language-internal and language-external factors on the use of standard and dialect forms.

Project participants include Prof. Dr. Martin Pfeiffer and Aaron Schmidt-Riese.

Further Information can be found here.

SFB: 1287 Limits of Variability in Spanish Relative Clause Complementizers

This project explores the Spanish relative clause complementizers "que" and "donde" on the Yucatán Peninsula, conducting both cross-linguistic comparisons of production data and acceptability tests with monolingual and bilingual speakers. The aim is to analyze preferences in the use of these complementizers and define the role of Yucatec Maya in Yucatec-Spanish relative clause complementation.

Project participants include Prof. Dr. Melanie Uth, Patrick Auhagen and Iñaki Cano

Further information can be found here.

Italian in Transit: Italien-based multilingual practices in a Berlin park

The postdoctoral project investigates sociolinguistic and linguistic features of multilingual practices based on the Italian language. The data are derived from interviews with multilingual migrants and refugees from Sub-Saharan Africa, who work as street vendors in a Berlin park.

The postdoctoral project is directed by Dr. Marta Lupica Spagnolo.

Further information can be found here.