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Research data management

Working with Research Data for Students and Young Scientists

Research data are already being worked on in the course of studies!

With this course on the open e-learning platform Open.UP of the University of Potsdam, we would like to raise awareness fo the importance of these resources: with regard to a professional own work and with the thought of a later re-use. Therefore, this page is aimed at students who collect data themselves as part of a seminar paper or thesis and are interested in how they can do so digitally and sustainably.

In this way, selected goals of the research data policy of the University of Potsdam are implemented and translated into the teaching of relevant skills for dealing with research data in the course of studies.


Course structure

Theoretical background

Tools: Implementation of the theory

Tasks & Exercises


To the FAIR-principles course (Open.UP) (German only)

The semester-independent self-study course is accessible to interested parties in the course area "Miscellaneous" of the open e-learning platform Open.UP of the University of Potsdam.

The course "FAIR Principles for Students and Young Scholars in the Humanities" offers a brief introduction to research data management for students and young scholars in the humanities and has been developed in collaboration with the Chair of Romance Linguistics (French and Italian), Center Language, Variation - Multilingualism and the Digital Humanities Network.