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International Summer Campus – From Languages to Fake News to Sustainability

As the semester comes to an end, the University of Potsdam would like to announce its “International Summer Campus.” Students from Germany and abroad can use the lecture-free period to combine a stay in Potsdam with a course at the university. For the first time since 2019, the programs will again take place in person. More than 230 students from over 30 countries have registered for five summer school courses, which is about the same number as before the pandemic. From July to September 2022, interested students can attend courses on the German language and culture, but also on the topics of fake news and sustainability.

On July 11, the two-week Summer School “Media, fake news and populism” opens the season. Participants will explore fake news and its impact on society, politics and the established media. The Sustainable Development Academy will follow in August. Here, students will critically examine the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The annual International Summer Academy “Sans Souci” combines language courses with German history and culture. Prospective teachers from 60 nations are coming together for the summer school “Teaching the SDGs,” organized by the Center for Teacher Education and Educational Research. There they will discuss how important education is in order to be able to fulfill the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Before the semester begins, the German course “Willkommen” prepares exchange students linguistically for the coming winter semester.

“With these programs, we want to welcome international students to the University of Potsdam. In our specialized English-language courses, we also want to address global issues,” says Marika Blell, head of the International Summer Campus Office. Further information on the program can be found at:

Media Information 04-07-2022 / No. 074