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A Degree and a New Start – Qualification of teachers who have fled persecution continues 

The University of Potsdam has a sharpened profile and is continuing its qualification program for teachers who have fled persecution. Thanks to further support from Brandenburg's Ministry of Science, on April 4, 2019, a fifth round will begin with 20 teachers who fled to Germany, escaping war and persecution. The participants, who have a university degree and professional experience as teachers at a school in their home country, will gain qualifications in both language and pedagogy in the Refugee Teachers Program.

The program began in 2015 and has attracted attention from across Germany to the University of Potsdam. Thus far, 140 displaced teachers have passed through it. On April 9, 2019, another thirteen graduates will receive their graduation certificates and will then work as teaching assistants at schools in Brandenburg. There they will not only advance the integration of children and youths who have fled persecution, but will also be deployed as specialized teachers. “We are glad to be able to continue this success story, and have honed the profile of our program for this purpose,” says coordinator Dr. Anna Aleksandra Wojciechowicz. 

The participants first complete an intensive German course with training in pronunciation, in order to then be able to attend pedagogic and subject-related didactic courses. For two semesters they study here together with German student teachers. Two internships ensure that the individuals who have fled persecution are introduced to the German school and teaching system. Further language lessons, a computer course and a lecture series on migration pedagogy round up the program, which is completed with a C1 language certificate and a pedagogy certificate.

The qualification is a full-time program, and prepares for one to two years of work as a teaching assistant at state schools in the state of Brandenburg. After this time, a further in-service qualification is intended to follow, in analogy to the group of lateral entrants. 

Contact: Dr. Anna Aleksandra Wojciechowicz, Coordinator of the Refugee Teachers Program
Telephone: 0331 977-256010
E-Mail: refteachweluni-potsdamde

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