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Staff of the 1. cohort

Photo: Tina Urbach

Involved doctoral candidates / Ph.D. students since 2011

Austin, GinaM. Sc.Developmental PsychologyTheory of Mind, executive functions and antisocial behaviorcompleted 
Graefen, JohannaDipl.-Psych.Clinical PsychologyFactors which influence the course and consequences of specific developmental disorderscompleted
Groppe, KarolineM. Sc.Developmental PsychologyExecutive functions and eating behaviorcompleted
Koch, AnneDipl.-Psych.Psychology of Motivation and EmotionBody perception and disturbed eating behaviorcompleted
Rohlf, HelenaDipl.-Psych.Social PsychologyAnger regulation and aggression in middle and late childhoodcompleted
Sahyazici-Knaak, FidanDipl.-Psych.Clinical PsychologyDysfunctional cognitions and depressioncompleted
Sehm, MarieDipl.-Psych.Counseling Psychology"Binge eating" and weight control strategies in childhood and adolescencecompleted
Selle, MareenDipl.-Psych.Counseling PsychologyDevelopmental risk factors for overweight: The role of learning and behavioral disorders
Sperlich, AnjaDipl.-Psych.Educational PsychologyReading competence and gaze control
Stutz, FranziskaM.A.Educational PsychologyReading frequency, reading motivation and reading competencecompleted
Wollny, AnnaDipl.-Psych.Work and Organizational PsychologyPersonal initiative in childhood and its importance for the development of reading competencecompleted