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Involved scientists

Photo: Karla Fritze
In der PIER-Studie untersuchen Prof. Dr. Birgit Elsner und Projektkoordinatorin Dr. Juliane Felber seit 2005 kontinuierlich, wie sich Kinder und Jugendliche entwickeln.

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Birgit Elsner
Substitutional spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Günter Esser

All of the scientists who foster the DFG Research Training Group and Graduate Program:

NameSectionRelevant area of expertise
Dr. Robert Busching

Social Psychology 

Aggression, media violence
Prof. Dr. Birgit Elsner

Developmental Psychology 

Social-cognitive development, executive control
Prof. Dr. Ralf Engbert

Experimental and Biological Psychology

Reading, psychomotor behavior
Prof. Dr. Günter Esser

Clinical Psychology / Psychotherapy

Developmental psychopathology
Prof. Dr. Doris Fay

Work and Organizational Psychology

Personal initiative, innovation
Prof. Dr. Reinhold KlieglCognitive PsychologyReading, multivariate statistics, research methods
Prof. Dr. Barbara KrahéSocial PsychologyAggression
Dr. Elke B. LangeExperimental and Biological Psychology

Working memory 
– no longer at UP –

Dr. Jochen LaubrockCognitive PsychologySelective attention, reading
Prof. Dr. Olga PollatosJunior professor Psychology of Motivation and Emotion

Processing of emotions, introception
– no longer at UP –

Dr. Ellen SchaffnerEducational PsychologyReading motivation, reading competence
– no longer at UP –
Prof. Dr. Ulrich SchiefeleEducational PsychologyReading motivation, reading competence
Prof. Dr. Petra WarschburgerCounseling PsychologyEating and weight-related disorders
Dr. Anne WyschkonClinical Psychology / PsychotherapyDevelopmental psychopathology, prevention & therapy