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Welcome to the PIER-Project at the University of Potsdam!

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Photo: Anja Sperlich

Since 2012, we have accompanied over 1.500 families in the state of Brandenburg and learned a lot about the development of children and adolescents. The PIER study was originally launched through a Research Training Group funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG GRK 1668). We are excited to announce that it will now continue as PIER-YOUTH!

Our research group "Self-regulation as a resource in coping with developmental demands - a prospective analysis from middle childhood to adolescence" (FOR 5034). Researchers from the University of Potsdam, the Psychoanalytic University of Berlin and the Berlin School of Psychology are cooperating on this project.

With the PIER-YOUTH study we want to find out whichchanges have taken place in recent years. Our goal is to better understand the development from primary school age to adolescence.