Ein mögliches Startbild
Photo: Anja Sperlich

Welcome to the PIER-Project at the University of Potsdam!

On this page we would like to introduce you to the PIER-Project. Therefore we have compiled some information for parents, schools and researchers. 

The PIER-Project is connected to a Research Training Group and Graduate Program that is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, which is the largest independent research funding organization in Germany (DFG GRK 1668/1). A lot of scientists at the University of Potsdam are working together in the Research Training Group and it combines different disciplines of psychology. The main research goal is to study intrapersonal developmental factors (i.e., factors occurring within a person’s self or mind) that contribute to frequent developmental advantages or disadvantages during childhood and adolescence from a longitudinal perspective. These factors are can be seen as personal characteristics, such as differential perception and processing of environmental information, emotional traits or personal goals and motivations. New findings and insights in this area will facilitate selective and effective prevention and intervention in the future.

On the next pages you will find details about our goals, the content and the process of our study, as well as reports on the current state of the study.