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The begin of study is the begin of a new period of life. Many freshmen at a university experience a time of dramatic changes like a new habitation, a new circle of friends, a new way of life, a new level of responsibility for the own life a new kind of learning, as well as a sometimes unfamiliar circadian rhythm. FreshUP addresses these challenges with an interactive online game to become familiar with the new university and the new city. In addition, players may work in teams to solve the FreshUP game tasks and get to know  their fellow students.

Play FreshUP

The following FreshUP game website is available all time but only playable during the game period. The game period begins 2 weeks before lectures start in the winter term and lasts 4 weeks.


FreshUP demo

The following FreshUP game website is available all time and can be used to get a first impression of FreshUP. The game period is limited to one week and only a fractional amount of the game tasks is available.


Bild von Raphael Zender

Dr.-Ing. Raphael Zender


Campus Griebnitzsee
House 4
Room 1.21

University of Potsdam
Department of Computer Science
August-Bebel-Straße 89
14482 Potsdam


consulting hours
Appointments can be made via e-mail.