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We'd like to introduce ourselves

  • Chair for Complex Multimedia Application Architectures

Todays multimedia research is not limited to input-output and transfer mechanisms anymore. Taking into account the ubiquitious networks such architectures play an important role. The chair works on interoperability of heregenous systems in todays IT landscape. In the area of multimedial applications those linked to learning and teaching are of foremost interest to us. The holder of the chair is Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Ulrike Lucke.


11.10.2021 Dietmar Zoerner has successfully defended his doctorate on "Promoting attention and motivation maintenance through digital game-based learning systems with specific suitability in autism". Congratulations!

27.04.2021 The BMBF is funding our joint project "Bildungsraum Digital" (BIRD) as the first of four prototypes for the development of a national education platform.

01.03.2021 Tobias Moebert has successfully completed his PhD (Dr. rer. nat.). Congratulations! 

25.02.2021 The Erasmus+ programme will fund our policy experimentation project TrainDL for the next three years.

09.02.2021 Yizhen Huang, Eric Richter, Thilo Kleickmann, Axel Wiepke and Dirk Richter received the Best Paper Award at the SIG IT (Instructional Technology Special Interest Group) conference for their paper "Classroom complexity affects student teachers' behaviour in a VR classroom".

01.02.2021 We congratulate Julian Dehne on the successful defence of his dissertation "Possibilities and limitations of media support for research-based learning"!

11.12.2020 Leena Steinke has successfully defended her doctorate on "Optimising closed-loop value chains with limited capacities". Congratulations!

16.09.2020 Ariane Lehmann receives funding in the MasterLab of the Stifterverband for her Bachelor's thesis on "Digitisation in university administration: An online tool for determining usability and acceptance using the example of Form.UP".

22.08.2020 The HandleVR project coordinated by our chair was awarded the DIVR Science Award 2020 in the Best Tech category by The Institute for Virtual Realities (DIVR).

22.08.2020 You can now take part in the SocialVR conference "Verankerung von VR/AR-Technologien in der beruflichen Bildung", which we are co-organising. We are looking for your exciting questions for moderated discussion sessions around the conference topic. Which topics are burning under your nails? Which challenges do you think are worth discussing? On which aspects would you particularly like to exchange ideas with colleagues? With your suggestions, you can make a significant contribution to the design of the SocialVR conference. You are welcome to contribute ideas here until 31 August!

Details can be found on the conference website.

01. 07.2020 Together with the HandLeVR consortium, we won the ideas competition of the BMBF conference eQualification with our proposal to hold a scientific conference entirely in SocialVR. The content will focus on "Anchoring VR/AR technologies in vocational education and training". Submissions are still possible until 10 August 2020.

Details can be found on the conference website.

01.04.2020 Thomas Rüdiger successfully defended his doctoral thesis "The online-based initiation of the sexual abuse of a child - A criminological and legal examination of the phenomenon of cybergrooming"; an interdisciplinary cooperation with the Faculty of Law. Congratulations!

02.03.2020 Jan Schneider has successfully defended his PhD "Computational Approaches for Emotion Research" (project Emotisk); an interdisciplinary cooperation with psychology. Congratulations!

29.01.2020 At the delina awards ceremony, the University of Potsdam's virtual classroom won second place in the "University" category.

12.08.2019 The BMBF will fund the "Research - Learning - Digital" (FoLD) project at the University of Potsdam from October 2019.

04.02.2019 The European Commission is funding our collaborative project "Online Pedagogical Resources for European Universities" (Open U) together with 20 other partners from March 2019.

15.11.2018 The BMBF is funding our joint project "Modular Iconographic Informed Consent" (miiConsent) together with the Evangelical University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg from January 2019.

11.09.2018 Dietmar Zoerner, Tobias Moebert, Anna Morgiel, Sven Strickroth and Ulrike Lucke received the Best Paper Award of the DelFI 2018 for their contribution "Spielbasierte Förderung von Motivation und Aufmerksamkeit für sozioemotionales Training bei Autismus".

21.08.2018 The BMBF is funding our "HandleVR" project together with the University of Duisburg-Essen, the Central Office for Continuing Education in the Trades and Mercedes-Benz Ludwigsfelde from January 2019.

15.08.2018 Our joint project FideS together with the University of Hamburg and the TU Kaiserslautern continues to be funded by the BMBF and is entering the next round of accompanying research on the Quality Pact for Teaching as a transfer project.

24.04.2018 Jan Schneider receives the Potsdam Graduate School's PhD Scholarship for his dissertation on  Computational analyses of emotional facial expressions

16.04.2018 Sandra Becker receives the travel scholarship from Wikimedia Germany to participate in Wikimania 2018 Wikimania 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa in July. 

15.03.2018 Anna Morgiel receives the DAAD Graduation Grant  Studienabschlussbeihilfefor International Students.

05.02.2018 The team "ILOVEYOU" around one of our WHKs has last weekend won the Deloitte Hacker Challenge in Frankfurt am Main. Congratulations! 

01.01.2018 We are starting with the ONE.UP subproject in the project of the University of Potsdam for the "Innovative University" programm of the BMBF.

28.09.2017 Hendrik Geßner wins in the main category of the Wettbewerbs Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft with his contribution "The student workplace - networked, distributed, understood".

07.09.2017 The DeLFI & GMW 2017 was a complete success for the chair:

  • Ulrike Lucke was appointed GMW Fellow
  • Julian Dehne, Ulrike Lucke and Mandy Schiefner-Rohs received the Best Paper Award of the GMW for their contribution "Digital media and research-oriented teaching and learning - empirical insights into projects and teaching concepts".
  • Helena Jank received the award for the best thesis in the context of E-Learning 2017 for her master thesis "Simulation of the behavior of context sensitive applications".


30.03.2017 The BMBF is funding our joint project "ComplexEthics - Perception and Orientation Instrument for the Ethical, Anthropological, Sociological and Informatic Evaluation of Complex Socio-technical Arrangements in a Digitalized World" together with the Evangelical HS Nuremberg, the LMU Munich and the KIT Karlsruhe.

01.10.2016 Our quality pact project "eLiS - E-Learning in Studienbereichen" is entering its second round. We look forward to pushing ahead with the digitalisation of university teaching over the next five years.