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We'd like to introduce ourselves

Todays multimedia research is not limited to input-output and transfer mechanisms anymore. Taking into account the ubiquitious networks such architectures play an important role. The chair works on interoperability of heregenous systems in todays IT landscape. In the area of multimedial applications those linked to learning and teaching are of foremost interest to us. The holder of the chair is Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Ulrike Lucke.


04.05.2024 We congratulate Ulrike Lucke, Tobias Moebert, Ann-Marie Gursch and Lilian Hasse on receiving the State Teaching Award for the seminar "Ethics for Nerds"

16.04.2024 The first English Science Slam in Potsdam was also a success for our department, as Lars Michel gave an entertaining and informative presentation based on his Bachelor's thesis. A slam that received almost full marks from the audience.

08.04.2024 We congratulate Dr. Christian Riedel on being accepted as a Fellow at the NFDI4Earth Academy, where geosciences are combined with data science.

26.03.2024 We welcome the little Felix in our team!

26.10.2023 The BMBF is also funding the Berlin-Brandenburg Data Competence Center QUADRIGA in its second phase. We are actively involved in managing the content of the network as well as the learning and networking locations.

15.06.2023 The EUNIS Dørup Award for outstanding applications of IT in education goes to the "Lernpfadfinder", which we developed in the "Bildungsraum Digital" project together with the "Digitaler Campus" project.

25.01.2023 Potsdam Transfer and UP Transfer GmbH award the Transferpreis 2023 to Ulrike Lucke for her wide-ranging and outstanding transfer activities, especially in the context of the National Education Platform.

02.12.2022 The German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture is funding the joint project "Knowledge-based precision crop production in a mixed farm" (DigiMix-PA) for three years. We are involved with a sub-project on virtual reality.

01.12.2022 The DFG is funding NFDIxCS as the informatics consortium in the National Research Data Infrastructure for an initial five years. The spokesperson is M. Goedicke (University of Duisburg-Essen), and U. Lucke is deputy spokesperson. Our contribution is mainly in the Task Areas "Community Development", "Architectures and Interfaces" and "Quality Management".

24.11.2022 We are part of the BMBF-funded centre for digitisation-related networking and transfer in school education "lernen:digital" and will drive forward the connection to the national education platform there.

17.10.2022 As part of the competence centre for digital and digitally supported teaching in schools and further education in the MINT sector "DigiProMIN", we will work on the further development and broad use of our VR classroom.

11.10.2022 Our application for a QUADRIGA data competence centre is being funded by the BMBF and the MWFK Brandenburg in the five-month conception phase. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the subsequent implementation phase as well!

17.05.2022 The Innovation in University Teaching Foundation is funding our joint project "X-Teach-VR" together with RWTH Aachen University for one year. In addition, we are on board as a partner in the "VReiraum" project of the same funding line.

20.12.2021 Matthias Weise has successfully defended his PhD on the topic "Choosing selection and manipulation techniques for virtual reality applications". Congratulations!

21.10.2021 The BMBF is funding our project "Computer Assistance for the Validation and Accreditation of Study Regulations to Improve Studyability" (CAVAS+) for four years. In addition, we are a partner in the same funding line in the BB-KI Chips network together with the TU Munich.

11.10.2021 Dietmar Zoerner has successfully defended his doctoral thesis "Promoting attention and motivation maintenance through digital game-based learning systems with specific suitability for autism". Congratulations!

01.07.2021 We are joining the infrastructure project Z03 in the second funding phase of SFB 1294 - Data Assimilation.

27.04.2021 The BMBF is funding our joint project "Bildungsraum Digital" (BIRD) as the first of four prototypes for the development of a national education platform.

01.03.2021 Tobias Moebert has successfully completed his PhD (Dr. rer. nat.). Congratulations! 

25.02.2021 The Erasmus+ programme will fund our policy experimentation project TrainDL for the next three years.

09.02.2021 Yizhen Huang, Eric Richter, Thilo Kleickmann, Axel Wiepke and Dirk Richter received the Best Paper Award at the SIG IT (Instructional Technology Special Interest Group) conference for their paper "Classroom complexity affects student teachers' behaviour in a VR classroom".

01.02.2021 We congratulate Julian Dehne on the successful defence of his dissertation "Possibilities and limitations of media support for research-based learning"!