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STEM room

In the STEM room, we offer you support during the initial phase of your studies. Students in higher semesters come here to support you when you delve into your independent study or work on exercises, protocols or lectures, and will gladly help you with questions you might have in the mathematical and scientific subjects.

Join in

Students in more advanced semesters who are interested in joining this project as a student assistant are welcome to contact Lydia Küttner ( at any time or drop by. Interested parties should contact us by the end of January (for the summer semester) or by the end of July (for the winter semester) and include a copy of their academic transcript.
You should be patient and versed in the respective disciplines (Mathematics, Chemistry or Physics) to an extent that allows you to easily answer questions from the first few semesters.

STEM room coordination


University of Potsdam
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 24-25
14476 Potsdam
Golm campus, Building 28, Room 1.089