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The chair of Public Economics is part of the Economics department at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, University of Potsdam.

Chairholder is Prof. Dr. Rainald Borck.

Winter term 2021/2022

Here you will find the current courses of the summer term 2022 , all exam dates and current notices of the WiSo faculty.

For further information on teaching and studies, please contact our chair assistant Annett Wadewitz.

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Studi-Wissen: Alles rund um die Lehre am Lehrstuhl Öffentlicher Sektor, Finanz- und Sozialpolitik

Dieser Moodle-Kurs unterstützt Sie bei der Studienorganisation, klärt relevante Fragen, präsentiert unseren Handapparat und vieles mehr.


We are looking for student assistants joining our team. Please find further information in the job advertisement. Please send your application (cover letter, CV, relevant references) by e-mail to annett.wadewitzuni-potsdamde by 15.08.2022.

Rainald Borck and Niklas Gohl have published an article in the blog "Ökonomenstimme":

Steigende Mieten? – Gentrifizierung in deutschen Großstädten und die Suche nach bezahlbarem Wohnraum

Research News

regional SCIENCE & urban EcONOMICS

Population density and urban air quality.

Borck, Rainald and Schrauth, Philipp (2021): Population density and urban quality. Regional Science and Urban Economics. 86. S. 103596.

Centre for Economic Performance

Working Life and Human Capital Investment: Causal Evidence from Pension Reform.

Gohl, Niklas; Haan, Peter; Kurz, Elisabeth (2021): Working Life ande Human Capital Investment: Causal Evidence from Pension Reform. Centre for Economic Per


Gentrification and Affordable Housing Policies

Borck, R. and Gohl, N. (2021): Gentrification and Affordable Housing Policies. CESifo Working Papers, No. 9454.



CEPA - Center for Economic Policy Analysis

A research initiative of the faculty of Economics and Social Science at the University of Potsdam