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Third party funded project: MuViT

Sub-project: Sociological perspectives on pattern recognition and video tracking

The research project MuViT dealt with automatized techniques of CCTV. What is meant by this are basically computerized processes of analysis and interpretation of video material. In a use case such systems are supposed to alert security staff in real time as soon as a "dangerous situation" arises.

In the sociological sub-project of the third party funded project MuViT the development and use of automatized techniques of CCTV were examined by means of discourse analysis and dispositive analysis. It was especially about (1) the reconstruction of scientific and political discourses of the so-called "intelligent" video surveillance, (2) the analysis of interests and goals of potential users as well as (3) the examination of discursive and non-discursive practices during the use of techniques for pattern recognition and video tracking (MEVTT).

Project term:
May 2010 – September 2013

Project management:Professor Maja Apelt

Project team:Tina Spies, PhD; Norma Möllers; Jens Hälterlein

Student assistant: Livia Mattmüller


The overall project „MuViT – pattern recognition and video tracking: social psychological, sociological, ethical, and jurisprudential analyzes” belonged to the University of Freiburg, Potsdam, Tübingen, and Würzburg. It was funded by the BMBF program “research for civilian safety”. Manager of the overall project was Prof. Regina Ammicht Quinn, International Center for Ethics in Sciences (IZEW).


Project coordination, IZEW, University of Tübingen

Chair in Public Law, German, European, and International Tax Law, University of Würzburg

Chair in Psychology II, University of Würzburg

Institute of Public Law, University of Freiburg

Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)