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44. GGS-Tagung, 4.-5.10.2018
vom 4.-5.10.2018 wird an der UP die 44. GGS-Tagung stattfinden. Wir laden Sie herzlich ein, einen Vortrag (25 + 10 Minuten) auf der Tagung zu halten. Schicken Sie uns dafür bitte Ihren Namen, Ihre Affiliation, den Titel des Vortrages und den vertretenen linguistischen Teilbereich (Morphologie, Syntax, Semantik, siehe Anmerkung unten) an ggs2018@uni-potsdam.nomorespam.de.
Website: sites.google.com/view/ggs2018/

Faculty International Day, 04.07.2018, Campus Golm
Students as well as Exchange Coordinators from our faculty and colleagues from the International Office and Careers Service are organising a programme of events and will be available to answer your questions.

UPers at LabPhon Lisbon 2018
UPers contributions consist in 2 talks, 4 posters, and a workshop organization (the latter in collab with a UP international partner, Haskins Labs)

1. "Categorical perception of lexical stress by simultaneous and late bilinguals" by Natalie Boll-Avetisyan, Sandrien van Ommen, Thierry Nazzi and Barbara Höhle (Talk)
2. "Infants asymmetrical vowel perception is affected by their experience to the native language" by Antonia Götz, Anna Krasotkina, Gudrun Schwarzer and Barbara Höhle (Poster)
3. "The beneficial role of variability for acquiring novel words: A habituation study with 14-month-old German-learning children" by Tom Fritzsche, Adamantios Gafos and Barbara Höhle (Poster)
4.  "VOT accommodation in a cue-distractor paradigm" by Stephen Tobin and Adamantios Gafos (Poster)
5. "On the speed-accuracy trade-off and speed-curvature power law of tongue movements in repetitive speech” by Stephan Kuberski and Adamantios Gafos (Talk)
6. "Temporal stability patterns of stop-liquid and stop-rhotic clusters in Spanish" by Stavroula Sotiropoulou, Mark Gibson, Stephen Tobin and Adamantios Gafos (Poster)
7. "Tutorial on Ultrasound Evidence in Phonology" organized by D. H. Whalen, Aude Noiray and Steven M. Lulich (Workshop)

TaCoS in Potsdam, June 08-10, 2018
The TaCoS is the Conference for Students of Computational Linguistics, this time organized by students of the B.Sc. Computerlinguistik and M.Sc. Cognitive Systems, here in Potsdam! All students of computational linguistics and related fields are invited for presentations, talks and workshops on current topics or may even present their own topic, may it be their final thesis or a hobby project. Furthermore, the TaCoS is an occasion to connect to other students and universities from all over Germany. For more information and registration see our website: tacos28.de

Conference "Crossing the Borders"
We are pleased to announce the Crossing the borders conference held at the University of Potsdam for the very first time. The topic for this 3-day conference is the interplay of language, cognition, and the brain in early human development. We aim to bring together researchers from psychology, linguistics, and developmental neuroscience. The program will include keynote talks, oral presentations and poster sessions, and a science slam, providing early-career researchers in the field of infant and child development with ample opportunities to present their work.
Information on the website: crossing-project.de/ctb-conference-2018/. There are no registration fees. Call Deadline: 30-Apr-2018

Summer school "Limits of Variability in Language", June 18-22, 2018
The summer school will bring together leading international experts from different subfields of linguistics, covering the span from modern sociolinguistics, via dialect research, to grammar theory and the formal study of African languages. The school’s central topic is the empirical study and theoretical modelling of variability and its constraints at various levels of language.

New DFG grant funded
Congratulation to Aude Noiray on a new DFG grant "Understanding spoken language organization in the first decade of life" www.uni-potsdam.de/en/lola/research-projects.html

Erasmus+ applications for 2018/19
Erasmus+ applications for 2018-19 are now open. Applications should be sent to the Dept's Erasmus+ Coordinator (Daniel Williams) by eof Jan 2018. PhD students may also apply.  Our Erasmus+ partner universities for (comp) ling are Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris III, Aristotle U of Thessaloniki, U of Patras, U of Ulster, U of Trento, U of Lund, U Zürich, U de Navarra and U of Oslo.

Beste BSc-Abschlussarbeit
Die BSc-Arbeit unserer Computerlinguistik-Studentin Katarina Krüger wurde mit dem Preis der Gesellschaft für Sprachtechnologie und Computerlinguistik für die beste BSc-Abschlussarbeit 2016/2017 zur Computerlinguistik im deutschsprachigen Raum ausgezeichnet. Wir gratulieren!

Publication - Tatjana Scheffler: Conversations on Twitter
D. Fišer/M. Beißwenger (2017), Investigating Computer-Mediated Communication: Corpus-Based Approaches To Language In The Digital World, Ljubljana: University Press. ISBN 978-961-237-950-6.

DGfS 2018
Auf dem DGfS 2018 in Stuttgart ist Tatjana Scheffler Ko-Leiterin der Arbeitsgruppe zum Thema "Why Indeed? Questions at the Interface of Theoretical and Computational Linguistics”.

TripleA 5 in Konstanz, June 27-29, 2018
Triple A, a workshop series for semantic fieldworkers founded in 2013 by researchers from Tübingen and Potsdam, will take place in Konstanz next year. The deadline for abstract submissions is February 2, 2018. You can find more information here: semanticsofaaa.wordpress.com

E-Learning UP Award 2017
Sebastian Stober received the E-Learning UP Award 2017 for his lecture "Representation Learning - From a Deep Learning Perspective." The award is intended to acknowledge and highlight the efforts and achievements of lecturers who successfully used the possibilities of the digital media in an exemplary way to facilitate learning.

3rd Summer School ISOLDE
ISOLDE will take place from 11 to 15 of June 2018 in Potsdam/Germany.
This summer school is specifically organised to bring together Pre- and Post-docs working on infant language acquisition in Europe. The registration is now open:
www.uni-potsdam.de/en/isolde/<wbr />registration

Project UPracticeML started on November 1, 2017
The new project UPracticeML - a cooperation between the Machine Learning Junior Research Group (Dr. Stober) and the Applied Computational Linguistics Discourse Research Lab (Prof. Manfred Stede) with a duration of 2 years - has started. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and aims to extend the machine learning curriculum in the Cognitive Systems Master at the University of Potsdam.

Probanden mit Aphasie gesucht!
Für Untersuchungen und Studien im Fachbereich Patholinguistik/ Kognitive Neurolinguistik können sich Personen mit einer Sprach-, Sprech- oder Schluckstörung als ProbandIn anmelden. Weitere Informationen finden Sie im Flyer.

Ausgezeichnete Poster
Beim 11. Herbsttreffen Patholinguistik wurden zwei Poster von Studentinnen des Studiengangs Patholinguistik ausgezeichnet. Der 1. Preis ging an Ragna Krug, Hanna Stübner, Sophie Hoffmann, Judith Heide und Maria Blickensdorff, die eine Therapie aus dem internen Praktikum präsentierten („Die Behandlung dysprosodischer Symptome bei Sprechapraxie – Eine Einzelfallstudie“). Den 2. Preis erhielten Lisa Welke und Ulrike Frank für das Poster „Pilotfragebogenstudie zur praktischen Umsetzung und Koordination des Trachealkanülen-Managements in Berlin und Brandenburg“. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Labphon 16, 2018
Together with Doug. H Whalen (CUNY, Haskins Laboratories) and Steven Lulich (Indiana University), Aude Noiray will organise a satellite event around Labphon 16, June 19. labphon16.labphon.org/index.html. This year the focus is: "Variation, development and impairment: Between phonetics and phonology.

Labphon 16, 2018 - Satellite event: Ultrasound evidence in Phonology
We are delighted our application for a satellite event : Ultrasound evidence in Phonology has been accepted. In this satellite, Aude Noiray will give a workshop on ultrasound in (a)typical language acquisition. In this workshop, she will present data from DFG and Marie curie funded projects,e.g., from the PredictAble project (Coordinator: Prof. Hoehle, https://predictable.eu).

Short-term fellows SFB 1287
The short-term fellows sponsored by our newly established SFB 1287 have now been selected. Nantke Pecht, Jenny Yu, Lara Schwarz, and Xiayimaierdan Abudushalamu will be joining the teams of A01, B01, B04, and C03. We look forward to hosting these students in our Department in 2018.