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03.01.2023 [SynSem Kolloquium] Furkan Atmaca (Leipzig): A new direction in variation and optionality
14.15, online via zoom:

10.01.2023 [NeuroColloquium] Andrea Hofmann(UP): tba
14.30 Golm, Haus 14, 2.15/16

10.01.2023 [SynSem Kolloquium] Kenyon Branan (Goettingen): Situational Transparency
14.15 Golm, Haus 14, 0.09

12.01.2023 [Typical and Atypical Language Acquisition Kolloquium] Dr. Natalia Kartushina (University of Oslo): Coping with Norwegian dialects: language development in infants and toddlers growing up in multi-dialectal environments
12.30-13.30, online via zoom: (Passcode: 12345678)

19.01.2023 [Typical and Atypical Language Acquisition Kolloquium] Monica Vanoncini (Potsdam University): Multilevel Interpersonal Synchrony and its Role on Language Development
12.30-14.00 Golm, Haus 14, 2.14/15

24.01.2023 [NeuroColloquium] Nora von der Lühe (UP): Fehlerfreies Lernen in der Aphasietherapie - Anwendung bei Störungen der Satzverarbeitung und aktuelle Befunde zur Wirksamkeit
14.30 Golm, Haus 14, 2.15/16

26.01.2023 [Typical and Atypical Language Acquisition Kolloquium] Dr. Sabine Hunnius (Donders Institute, Radboud University Nijmegen): Early cognitive development: Lessons from infant learning
12.30-13.30, online

31.01.2023 [SynSem Kolloquium]Craig Thiersch (UP): Austronesian extraction revisited
14.15 Golm, Haus 14, 0.09 and online via zoom (Passcode: 97438815)

02.02.2023 [Typical and Atypical Language Acquisition Kolloquium] Dr. Silvia Benavides-Varela (University of Padova): The origins of auditory memory and consolidation mechanisms in the infant brain
12.30-13.30, online via zoom: (Passcode: 12345678)

07.02.2023 [SynSem Kolloquium] Alexander Wimmer (Tuebingen / HU): Mandarin BIE: a bouletically flavored negation
14.15 Golm, Haus 14, 0.09

13.02.2023 [Computational Linguistics colloquium] Prof. Giuseppe Carenini (University of British Columbia): Unlimited discourse structures in the era of distant supervision, pre-trained language models and autoencoders
13.00 Golm, Haus 14, 0.09

17.04.2023 [Language Acquisition Colloquium] Dr. Axelle Calcus (Université Libre de Bruxelles): Sensitive periods for audition : adolescents with normal hearing and hearing loss
12.30 online via zoom: (Passcode: 12345678)

25.04.2023 [Computational Linguistics  Colloquium] Matthew Aylett (HWU, Edinburgh): Why is my social robot so slow? How developing technology for the severely disabled will make better robots
11.15 Golm, Haus 14, R.2.15

26.04.2023 [Computational Linguistics  Colloquium] open discussion: NLP in the Age of ChatGPT
16.15 Golm, Haus 14, R.0.09

02.05.2023 [SynSem Colloquium] Nicholas Rolle (ZAS Berlin): Restrictions on Exponence at the Syntax-Phonology Interface
14.15 Golm, Haus 14, R.0.09

08.05.2023 [Typical and Atypical Language Acquisition Kolloquium] Mireia Marimon (Potsdam University): When do German-learning infants discover morphological suffixes?
12.30 Golm, Haus 14, 2.15/16

09.05.2023 [SynSem Colloquium] Maximilian Wiesner (Uni Potsdam): Sharing constructions in Samoan
14.30 Golm, Haus 14, R.0.09

15.05.2023 [Language Acquisition Colloquium] Leonardo Piot (UP): The development of phonological biases: a cross-linguistic investigation of German and French individuals
12.30 Golm, Haus 14, R.2.15/16 or online via zoom: (Passcode: 12345678)

16.05.2023 [SynSem Colloquium] Colin Davis (University of Konstanz): Unifying phrasal and word-internal ordering: On adjectives and the Final-Over-Final Condition
14.00 Golm, Haus 14, R.0.09

22.05.2023 [Language Acquisition Colloquium] Prof. Dr. Agnes Villwock (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin): Language processing and linguistic development in deaf children: Evidence from American Sign Language (ASL) and English users
12.30 Golm, Haus 14, R.2.15/16

23.05.2023 [SynSem Colloquium] Hao Li (Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz): Convergence between Sinitic and Non-Sinitic languages: causative/’applicative’ construction in the Linxia dialect of Chinese
14.15 Golm, Haus 14, R.0.09

23.05.2023 [NeuroColloquium] Maxi Wollenberg (Bielefeld): Phonologische Komponentenanalyse und transkranielle Gleichstromstimulation bei semantischer Demenz: Eine Einzelfallstudie
14.15 Golm, Haus 14, 2.15/16 or online via zoom: (Passcode: 42177311)

30.05.2023 [NeuroColloquium] Olga Klochneva (IECL Master thesis defense): From productive to receptive modality: assignment of action verbs to semantic fields
14.15 Golm, Haus 14, 2.15/16