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Research Groups

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Developmental Language Disorders

We investigate speech perception and production in individuals with/without language disorders and hearing loss. Our aim is to understand the underlying mechanisms of communication difficulties across

Vasishth Lab

Psycholinguistics and Neurolinguistics

We develop computational models of human sentence comprehension, focusing on both impaired and unimpaired populations. We are also interested in statistical theory and practice.


Syntax, Morphology & Variability

Research at the syntax division of Potsdam linguistics aims at understanding the limits of grammatical variation between the world's languages in the area of sentence structure.

Phonology & Phonetics

We develop theory, do experiments (EMA, Ultrasound, chronometric studies) and apply math tools to understand the relation between the continuity of the phonetic signal and the discreteness of grammar.


Our research focuses on the compositional derivation of sentence meanings from their atomic parts, adopting an explicit cross-linguistic perspective.


The Potsdam Research Institute for Multilingualism (PRIM) investigates the nature of multilingualism in children and adults, including patients with language disorders.

Applied Computational Linguistics

We study linguistic processing on the level of discourse: monologue text, or dialogue. On the one hand, this includes theoretical investigations on various aspects of discourse structure.

Foundations of Computational Linguistics

Our research focusses on the foundations of computational linguistics, both on the formal and theoretical-linguistic sides.

Patholinguistics/Neurocognition of Language

Our group is interested in the behavioural manifestation of acquired speech, language, and swallowing disorders, their neurological foundations, ...

Cognitive Science: Language and Methods

Using various methodological tools and measures (behavioral experiments, acoustic analyses, corpus data, event-related potentials), our research aims at better understanding the cognitive mechanisms

Language Acquisition

The language acquisition group has a focus on the early acquisition of phonological and syntactic knowledge in monolingual and bilingual typically ...

Logo Limits of Variability in Language

SFB 1287: Limits of Variability in Language

The SFB 1287 “Limits of Variability in Language” will evaluate the limits, relations, dependencies, and commonalities of variability across a range of linguistic phenomena from different perspectives.

LOLA: Laboratory for Oral Language Acquisition

At the Laboratory for Oral Language Acquisition, we are interested in the (a)typical development of speech motor control and its interactions with perceptual, phonological and lexical developments.

weiße Sonne


We investigate meaning in context from a theoretical, psycholinguistic and computational perspective.

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Developmental Psycholinguistics

The developmental psycholinguistics group focuses on the experimental study of early language acquisition, with a special focus on phonological and lexical acquisition.