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Past Events 2010

16.12.2010 [Phonology Colloquium] Beste Kamali (Potsdam U): Turkish Intonation from a Pitch Accent Language Perspective

09.12.2010 [Syntax-Semantics Colloquium] Antje Lahne (Konstanz U) Typological universals and formal grammar theory

09.12.2010 [Phonology Colloquium] Christfried Naumann (Humboldt U zu Berlin): Das Konsonantensystem des !Tuu

01.12.2010 [Psycholinguistics] Bettina Rolke (Tübingen U) How does temporal attention influence our information processing?

01.12.2010 [Phonology Colloquium] Ineke Mennen (Bangor U): Pitching it differently: prosody in second language speech learning

23.11.2010 [Syntax-Semantics Colloquium] Radek Šimík (U Potsdam): Consequences of existence: A unified analysis of modal existential wh-constructions and purpose clauses

18.11.2010 [Phonology Colloquium] Anja Gollrad & Stella Gryllia (U Potsdam): Prosody in parsing