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Foundations of Computational Linguistics

Research Focus

We use computational methods to investigate communication --- the
process of making something that was in one head be in more than one
head. More specifically, we are interested in multimodal
, where language is the central interaction device, but the
body of the participants can be a communication resource as well, and
the physical environment can become a topic. We study the complex
interplay of intra- and inter-agent processes that makes real-time,
situated dialogue possible. We are interested both in basic research on
the types of knowledge, the resources and the processes involved in
multimodal dialogue (and how to represent them formally and
computationally, and how to acquire them from data), as well as in
applications of models thereof to human/computer interaction.


Rebecca Ponick
Brielen Madureira Lasota, MSc0331/977-2573II.14.228madureiralasotauni-potsdamde
Sherzod Hakimov0331/977-2331II.14.225sherzod.hakimovuni-potsdamde
Meng Li0331/977-II.14.meng.liuni-potsdamde

Third Party Funded Staff

Philipp Sadler0331/977-2440II.14.220sadleruni-potsdamde
Kranti Chalamalasetti0331/977-244040II.14.220kranti.chalamalasettiuni-potsdamde