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Welcome to the intra-faculty unit „Cognitive Science“

The cognitive sciences focus on the fascinating connections between mental processes and representations of the human mind and its neurobiological foundations. Cognitive scientists at the University of Potsdam concentrate their research efforts primarily on the structure, dynamics, development and neuronal foundations of language, visual perception, numerical cognition, execution of actions and motor coordination among children and adults.

Several departments are engaged in interdisciplinary cooperation in the intra-faculty unit "Cognitive Sciences", including linguists, psychologists, sport and exercise scientists, biologists, mathematicians, computer scientists and theoretical physicists. Experimental and clinical methods, corpus analyses, cognitive modelling and theoretical model formation are used from interdisciplinary perspectives. Productive interconnections will also be set up in future with empirical learning research, cognitive robotics, cultural and media studies, and the philosophy of mind. 

A strong conncection on the research level also exists to the Research Focus Cognitive Sciences


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