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Tasks and Goals

The responsibilities of the structural unit Cognitive Sciences include networked research, which is implemented by establishing coordinated research groups and providing laboratories for a wide range of studies.

The structural unit has an annual budget for the promotion of science and research that is used to finance various workshops, measuring equipment, and scientific assistants taking into account the eligibility criteria after successful application.

The structural unit Cognitive Sciences has also a strong connection to the Research Focus Cognitive Sciences (RFCS), which brings together researchers of different faculties of the University of Potsdam and promotes cooperation in interdisciplinary research teams.

The human science departments of Sport and Health Sciences, Linguistics, and Psychology contribute to cognitive science teaching. It offers different introductory colloquia for bachelor’s and master’s students as well as interdisciplinary master’s degree programs, PhD programs and international exchange programs.

The service functions provided by the structural unit offer supporting services for the region in the fields of psychotherapy, cognition, and language as well as exercise and health.

The structural unit Cognitive Sciences is also responsible for the assignment of rooms on Campus I - Am Neuen Palais and Campus II - Golm.