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Department Sports and Health Sciences

Photo: Department Sport- und Gesundheitswissenschaften

Sport and Exercise Psychology
Prof. Dr. Ralf Brand

Training and Movement Science
Chair Substitute: Prof. Dr. Katja Ferger

Sports Medicine and Sports Orthopaedics
Prof. Dr. Frank Mayer

Social and Preventive Medicine
Prof. Dr. Michael Rapp

Sports Management/Sports Economics
Prof. Dr. Christoph Rasche

Medical Sociology and Psychobiology
Prof. Dr. Pia-Marie Wippert

Photo: Department Sport- und Gesundheitswissenschaften

Professorships assigned to the educational sciences in the Department of Sport and Health Sciences

Didactics of physical education with a focus on primary education
Prof. Dr. Esther Pürgstaller

Didactics of Sport in Secondary Education
Chair Sunstitute:Dr. Wiebke Langer

Health Education in sports
Chair Substitute: PD Dr. Laura Schaefer


Training and Movement Science
Prof. Dr. Reinhold Kliegl