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Future Food

University of Potsdam; Potsdam, Germany: October 13-19, 2015

This Summer School will focus on the changing food demands of the future and the possibilities to cope with the problems emerging from this.


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The growing world population, urbanization, climate change and changes in dietary habits are among the megatrends of the future. Protein and energy demands as well as sufficient micronutrients must be sustainably available to substantially reduce the risks of the double burden of malnutrition such as micronutrient deficiencies and diet-related non-communicable diseases.
This provides global agriculture, industry and society with a daunting challenge: We need to rethink what we will eat, not only in emerging and developing countries. In the Potsdam Summer School of International Nutrition "Future Food" the most important trends will be discussed.


The Potsdam Summer School of International Nutrition “Future Food” will promote an interdisciplinary exchange between the participants in the field of nutrition, facilitate international scientific cooperation and qualify the participants in the field of international nutrition, with specific emphasis to the emerging need of alternative food sources in industrial, emerging and developing countries.

Highlights and Advantages

The Summer School will

  • foster exchange of experiences
  • establish international networks between the participants
  • stimulate scientific discourse with regard to alternative food sources and international academic cooperation in this field
  • ease learning through interactive and case-related practical exercises
  • give participants the opportunity to discuss individual questions with experts

In daily Alumni presentations, participants will shortly present their current field of work to share their knowledge and to enhance networking with other participants.

The selected Alumni will be given the opportunity to participate in the FENS Conference, the largest Nutrition Conference in Europe.

Partners and Sponsors